Here we are again. This doesn’t change, doesn’t it?

Here. Morning ritual folding into  afternoon climb upstairs to evening descent and nightly togetherness tucked into a shared room  between our little family: he, me and our cat.

Me reading, listening, creating, chatting or  watching with Shawn. Cuddling Spaz or watching him sleep on my pillow in an oval. These are  the repeated images of my days.

You have been by my side every morning ready to battle Resistance when it rears up, laughing at us.

When I am  lost in information gathering,  figuring out puzzle pieces for a novel, planning for the next week. You help me stand tall.

You have been patient and understanding when I bounce from project to obsession to cool neglect in a matter of days.

I don’t know how you do it.

I Want You To Know:

You mean the world to me. I appreciate you. You inspire me to show up every morning, so I will. Every morning.

Photo Courtesy of Vladimir Kudinov

Inspired by Prompt Nights over at Sanaa’s blog, A Dash of Sunny


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