A Change of Plans..


No poem today because I’m on day two of a big migraine:/ What I do have is my first ever giveaway. I’m in the beginnings of promoting my art so I figured what better way than to give something away?

I am giving away three tiny collage books I created using a book page and some images I found in magazines. I had a ton of fun creating them and I hope they can inspire you to create your own mini masterpieces🙂

The giveaway is open today and will run until October 14th if you want to toss your name into the proverbial hat. Good luck!

Interested? Check out my tiny video for a sneak peek at one of the collages!

Welcome to My Creative Chaos

As a self-diagnosed autodidact, I am always looking for new ways to sneak backstage to see for myself how and why everyday occurrences manifest and function. I’ve always been a bibliophile (I used to use the dictionary to insult my sisters) and often sought refuge amongst dusty paper magic and made sense out of life through the Dewey Decimal System. I’m one to gather inspiration and information from all over and store it for future use. Recently it occurred to me that perhaps I could find connection to others who dig beyond the surface and ask way too many questions🙂

By being drawn to books, I cling to the creation of stories. I have begun studying writing in many of its crooks and crannies which lead me to blogging. I hope to use the internet culture to share ideas and resources. The complete focus for my blog is still brewing. In the meantime, I’ve been gathering various tools so that I can design as well as create content. I am always full of questions and open to all sorts of wacky wonderful points of view and ideas. Who knows what we will learn from each other?

At the Corner of Desk and What Now?


Today’s piece, “Crisp Fall Morning,” marks the halfway point in a collage challenge created by Shelly Klammer.  Truth be told, there were many times I wasn’t sure that I would make it this far.

At the beginning of the challenge, my goal was to have access to her 100 Day Collage Course for free after creating a daily collage for ninety days. I thought her program was unique and I had never attempted collage as a daily practice.

But as I created and posted, layers of self began to shed. I had days where Resistance was strong, my bed beckoned and promise of possible inspiration sounded so sweet. The pull of Resistance was especially hard on days that had been rough and the feeling of failure reigned. On those days, I’d grab a few shreds of wrapping paper and old work and paste them altogether.

On other days, images revolved inside my mind until I could settle down at my desk. Those images took nearly no effort on my part, I automatically settled on materials and the collage was done and shared. On those days, I felt like Resistance had lost not only my phone number, but my location on a GPS map.

This piece was one that began with unknowing but as pieces fell together, the image–the symbolism–became crystal clear. There was fertile ground underneath all that muck and colors and texture radiated my joy.



A Different Direction for October


Whilst perusing some mighty awesome poems on Poets on the Page linky, I stumbled upon a different activity for October instead of creating daily poetry. Not to say I dislike writing poetry, but I would like to experiment with writing my process for each collage I make.

Yesterday’s collage was titled “Frustration.” I was frustrated about low pay, little respect and exhaustion after another day at work as a substitute teacher in a middle school as well as high school. I felt that no matter how much I meditated, practiced, manifested or planned I would never be able to do more than teach another person’s lesson plans.

Before bed, I created a collage that I hoped would mirror my feelings. I put a few strips of washi tape across each corner of the index card. Then,  I cut two slits and wove wrapping paper into the card. (Thanks honey for the inspiration!).

I tried adding watercolor to the piece, but ended up just dumping water all over my desk. In a final attempt to make the collage seem more like art and less like a mess, I sprayed metallic orange ink onto the surface.

I create collages in order to fuse word and art together instead of being separate entities.

Note: I found this link up after registration ended, so I will be marching to my own drum😀 However, please show love over on 31 Days by liking/commenting on one of their linkups.


To Catch a Falling Star

After dark, when lightening bugs

dampen their glow

I grab my poly-chrome bucket

to catch falling stars.


Maroon bucket full,

I take a sip

careful not to burn lips

cool as silver crimson

Inspired by “Vintage” by Amy Lowell

In response to Poets on the Page 


Paring Down

I thank goodness for migraines

Forced to slow down to a crawl,

ego retreats into the shadow

connection to my husband paramount


There is no “busy” nor project more important

time expands in forced silence

my soul sheds old skin


Special Delivery to Poets on the Page

Image courtesy of Gratisography

Time Travel


homemade, spicy

creating, exploring, inhaling

desert heat, seafood meat

fishing, cracking, lip-smacking

Old Bay treat

Chesapeake crab


Folded into an envelope for Poets on the Page

Image courtesy of Amanda Sandlin

Note: In this poem, I use food to describe the passage of time between childhood and adulthood.

In New Mexico, I loved to eat the homemade tamales my neighbors used to make. I learned to respect difference as well as the animals in the desert.

The crab at the end of the poem symbolizes my life thus far in Maryland. Much time has passed and many lessons learned. Here I learned forgiveness and how to climb mountains.




muted, reflective

trick-or-treating, apple picking, leaf raking

flu shot, robin spot

raining, splashing, thawing

vibrant, impulsive


Inspired by the Diamante poetry form

Telepathically sent to:

Image Courtesy of Yours Truly