Hummingbird Feeder

Instant coffee, thin and pale, filled a dirty mug. Deck of Uno and a waiting game of Kings in the Corner sat across from her. Outside her ancient window, Gertrude would watch the hummingbirds spin around like a colorful mobile.

The webs the birds would spin wove delicate lace trim, like her wedding dress so many lives before. Her husband’s name still on the shack door although the Harley doesn’t visit there anymore.

The breath of her four sleeping grandchildren keep time with dreams of sunnies caught down by the docks of the resort, just a stone’s throw away.

Inspired by the Photo Challenge at MindloveMisery’s Menagerie

Sunday Sketch: Red River Tornado

Hello lovelies!

This week I have more circles but this time they have purpose! I discovered a weekly challenge over at Illustration Friday and guess what it was this week?


When I lived in the Red River Valley in Minnesota, tornadoes visited us on occaision. Several hours before one, the sky would turn a greenish yellow and the humidity would skyrocket. Then the winds would start.

I encourage you to check out both Sunday Sketch and the Illustration Friday prompt. There is so much inspiration on both.




Sunday Sketch #1: Circling on a Sunday Afternoon

Hello there!

Sorry I have been missing as of late. My creativity has taken an unexpected turn towards the colorful side. When words fail me, color is there. It requires no structure or grammar, just enjoyment.

Come join me over at Sunday Sketches today. They are an art link-up site, kind of like poetry prompts but without themes.




Into the Current

In the Current

I am an original creation from the Midwest. I knew aged Red Rivers, not beach with its dancing current. Last summer, I put my swimsuit on and waited on the surf to dance with me.

It was terrifying, intimate and humbling. The water tugged at me, rolling me over before returning me to breath and light.  I emptied the sand from my suit, laughing with my Inner Child.

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