Comment Guidelines–Why Can’t We All Get Along?

My blog is slowly building a base of followers (thank you!) so I thought I would take a moment to set up a few general guidelines. This page is a work in progress, so if an issue arises that wasn’t covered here please let me know.

I want to give a quick shout-out to the Daily Post for the template…YOU ARE AWESOME!


Onto a little business (sorry, no coffee or donuts this time)

To increase meaningful conversation, sometimes it’s necessary to reduce the not-so-meaningful bits.  Please avoid these types of comments:

  1. Shameless self-promotion. Comments that contain links to your site within the body or otherwise encourage folks to visit your blog without being related to the post at hand are a no-no.
  2. Support questions. For the speediest service, please read the Support docs and contact Support if you can’t find the answer there.
  3. Inflammatory or offensive comments. Please be respectful to other commenters  in your comments and word choice. Profanity is just not on.
  4. I will also delete comments that are written entirely in another language, as well as those that are difficult to understand due to serious grammatical and spelling errors.

9 thoughts on “Comment Guidelines–Why Can’t We All Get Along?

      1. Well that’s a relief!! I do understand about wanting “fuller” comments–it’s frustrating for me to write something, and hope readers will be specific as to what they like about it. If you’re not familiar with d’Verse Poets Pub, you might want to get connected there–as the writer/readers are Very Responsive to everyone who contributes to the prompts. I find that group more satisfying–and the prompts are really good.

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