About Bohemian NERD

Come with me on a journey where the familiar becomes remarkable.


Who Am I?

I’m a practicing bibliophile who seeks refuge among dusty paper magic and the Dewey Decimal System. I’m an inspiration pack-rat always looking for my next “information high.” I lust for linguistics and daydream about the likes of Susan Sontag, Philip K. Dick, Neil Young and Aerosmith.

I’ve lived in several different states growing up as my father worked on the railroad. As a result, my definition of home is a bit broader than some of my peers. Until I finished college, the seasons were marked in the following way: sugar beet harvest (fall), snowplow (winter), flood (spring) and construction season (summer). Recently I moved to Maryland and have added a few new experiences to my list including caving, crabbing, and getting lost on the Appalachian Trail.

Lover of…                  

  • Linguistics
  • My two beautiful girls
  • Creative Writing Music
  • Comfortable Clothes
  • Warm Blankets on a Wintery Day
  • Learning
  • Art of Words and Images

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36 thoughts on “About Bohemian NERD

  1. Just discovered your blog after I learned to “turn the page” on the followers area of my WordPress stats page. Books are a lifeline for me. I’m not much good at socializing. No patience. Obviously, I’m not all that good at things digital either, but I’m navigating those waters as well. I’ll be reading your posts!

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  2. Interesting blog! I used to escape into books (2 to 3 a week and holidays more) until I discovered writing/blogging. When I started another blog under a pseudonym I just went…well, ballistics …addicted to wrting…I am less obsessed now with life happening lately but at Traces I learned to truly open up…heal so I could continue working in the world of pain. https://tracesofthesoul.wordpress.com/

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  3. Oh, yes, the Dewey Decimal System. I remember, as a kid, discovering that if I found one book I was interested on the shelves, I’d find others on the same topic nearby. I felt like I’d been initiated into a secret society.

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      1. I wish I still could. I live too far from any serious library these days. But before I moved, when I was asked to do some fact checking for a copy editing job, walking into the University of Minnesota library and feeling like the knowledge of the world was at my fingertips. Then I found the books I needed and looked up a handful of completely trivial quotes. From the sublime to the petty.

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  4. In the treasure hunt of words, I feel like I’ve found a golden nugget in yours. Spelunking is brought to mind, as I know I’ll be digging deep into the cave dwelling of living stories, like crumbs leading me on a journey that both will open doors and at the same time reflect back my own life lived. GREAT inspiration is found here in your Bohemian Cave. Thanks!

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