I Confess That I/My…

Losing small items (like stamps) can make me see red

Pour an extra shot into my glass when I think no one’s looking

Legs are never shaved in the winter

Grind my teeth and according to my husband, snore really loud

Take a nap after I get home from work, every single day

Eyes well up with tears at the worst of times and in front of people like my boss

Suffer from panic attacks so often that I carry Xanax and homeopathic drops everywhere

Don’t go to Church but consider myself very spiritual

Lost everything I own several times in my life

Dream is to live in an adobe somewhere in the desert, or a tree house in the mountains

Admit that this is the first time I’ve written a confessional poem

Photo Courtesy of Karly Santiago

2 thoughts on “I Confess That I/My…

  1. oh i’m a fan of naps! and screw shaving!


  2. Thanks for opening up and sharing. I’m glad I hopped over. To read this.

    Liked by 1 person

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