Heaviness that has abided in my shoulders, jaws and chest is washed clean by the waves

Manifestation, the idea I don’t know where to fit it but regardless

I let go

Thoughts that are sharp, dry like old pieces of skin jut up but with the next breath

I let go

Heaviness of doubt, memories of shame and “not enoughness” slide away

I let go

I feel joyful as the layers like dirt fall away, I don’t think about why

I let go

Translation of experience is like running through a tar pit but instead of frustration

I let go

The perfect shape of this poem dissolves and I am free to write as it comes

I let go

Photo Courtesy of Hamish Clark

1 thought on “Release

  1. I am often plagued by that “no enoughness” myself. All.Too.Often. Letting it go, with you. Thank you.

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