I Found a Poem in my Word Salad!

Good afternoon, my friends. Our Sunday (so far) craves rest. I woke up fairly late only to take a nap until one p.m. A circus of chaos awaits us tomorrow and the next day, so we rest.

Today for Grace Black Ink’s poetry prompt, she asked for each participant (Not the Green Ribbon kind!) to set an intention and then use stream of consciousness/word salad to generate a body of text. From that text, one is to pick out words and phrases to create a Found Poem. If you’d like more information and examples, check out the Unlost Journal.

My intention is to Find a Sense of Calm (meaning slow the heck down). Ten minutes of writing gave me the following poem:

Slow down the crooks and crannies

Of the Day

Send away thoughts

And listen to this Moment,


My body craves

A sense of Calm

Photo Courtesy of Dawid Sobolewski 

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