Recap: I’m on a 28 day journey into Self Love inspired by a challenge (because I LOVE challenges) by Grace Black Ink. Today we explored grounding (barefootin’) and a new to me poetry style, a Tetracyts.

Creating poems according to different poetry forms are like puzzles, a dare. This form dictates that the poem must be a total of 20 syllables and 5 lines: 1,2,3,4, 10.  More info can be found on the Shadow Poetry site. Another awesome site to peruse is Poem-A-Day.

Enough with the stalling 😀 Here is my contribution for today:





Lake water, holy baptism my Fire

Photo courtesy of David Anderson

3 thoughts on “Barefootin’

  1. beautiful. was this a baptism memory?

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    1. Thank you. I was actually baptized in a Catholic Church but I it was the lake and all those experiences that have shaped part of who I am. Spiritually, I am closer to the Earth than to the Church.

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      1. angie reinspired February 4, 2018 — 1:43 am

        creation sings

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