A Month-Long Challenge


One of the many things I love to participate in are challenges: collage, poetry, art, writing… This challenge is very special because it comes from one of my favorite places to read gorgeous haiku–Grace Black Ink: 28 Days of Love

Yesterday, I wrote my poetry directly onto her site. It was after posting that I realized that I should share it with you, Dear Reader. Show it so that it may inspire you to create your own beautiful imagery.

Day Two of Grace Black’s challenge is about the Breath and Haiku/Senryu.  Rules are that there are three lines and seventeen syllables total. Haiku focuses on nature subjects and Senryu are focused on human aspects. You can find more information about these forms on “Shadow Poetry,” a comprehensive resource on poetical forms.

Here is what I came up with:

She’s seventeen, moving in

to our lives like a comet

a new school


I have a hard time

squeezing huge change

emotions into a few words


Second chance dreams

I’m a mom Smashing Shame

Choosing love and family

Photo taken by @chiro

1 thought on “A Month-Long Challenge

  1. Smashing shame…choosing love and family.
    YES. Thank you for this.


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