I Have One Line. Where will it go?

Recently, I stopped doing daily writing because blocks have hit me, especially Perfection and Judgement. So here I am, playing over at “First Line Friday” over at Mindlovemisery today.

First line is: “Below the city’s cobblestones it shifted, restless and hungry.” How would you finish this sentence?

Below the city’s cobblestones it shifted, restless and hungry.  The two monsters, Perfection and Judgement, had been banished to the deep underground passageways since Trynold the I had ruled the Perplex. In the absence of the monsters, the land had grown emerald grass, diamond like flowers so perfect that they were hard to look at for more than a second.

Trynold the XX, the current ruler of Perplex, was outside before the sun lit up his little piece of universe as usual. He had just started his fifth round of hopscotch when he felt the cobblestones rattle and move beneath his comfortable frame. A dispatch was made to the courageous hero that had served under the original Trynold.

“Methinks two of the most dangerous monsters known on this side of the world are trying to ravage the land and it’s people,” the king whispered to the hero, Max. A deadening sound, like a mix between an unpleasant squish/squash and a crack that sounded much like skulls, erupted behind them ending the planning part of the meeting.

Perfection rose high into the air, resembling a slimy banana slug and teeth all over his body as tiny and deadly as a pirahna. Max stood strong as Perfection stood over him, so tall that the sun was blocked and all the land was dull and monochrome.

“You will never become the best and strongest hero in the world. Oh, and forget about wooing that beautiful girl down the lane. She is more interested in the bespeckled lawyer’s son.”

Max had created a special pair of earplugs in the intervening years since the last battle. When the Creature’s mouth stopped moving, Max removed the plugs. You see, he was a great reader and had many people who supported him through everything. The king, who didn’t have a pair, broke out in purple tears and ran away, vowing never to speak up again for Truth.

“Where is your Mate? I remember banishing two, not one of you liars.”

“She slipped out in a swirl of smoke and several of your “friends” are on their way. Where is your weapon against Judgement?” Max watched as an angry, judgmental group of people make their way up the hill. Within the group, came his beautiful wife. Max felt his heart drop and mind scatter to remember how the two were banished all those years ago.

Out of the dark smoke appeared Judgement and with his wife’s voice she spoke to Max: “You aren’t enough of a hero for me. On the way here, all I could think of was how much weight you have gained and the memoir that you have been working on sitting in dust on your desk. If I were you, I would burn the memoir and go live in the desert.”

Instead of allowing his mind to run, he quickly responded to Judgement and Perfection in front of all the people that had held him up when times were tough and celebrated when all was well.

“Friends, do not be troubled by the words of these Monsters who are as ancient as the caves so deep and mysterious. The power lies in you, no one else. You are worth a million monsters, rubies and diamonds in the sea.” He turned to his wife, who was weeping underneath a plumb tree. “You, my darling, are so precious to me. I thank the Gods that I have you in my life.”

The magic words to banish the monsters to the nether regions of darkness appeared in his mind. Through telepathy, he passed these words onto the crowd and even into the mind of the lonely king. Everyone, even the birds and frogs shouted to both monsters: “You have no power over me. You have no power over me!”

Wouldn’t you know those monsters shrunk to the size of jellybeans and were quickly caught inside a mason jar that was thrown to Palindorm, King of the Sea. From there, both monsters were banished to the Other Words of Shadow and Loneliness forevermore.

Story Inspired by Mindlovemisery Menagerie and “First Line Fridays”

Image thanks to Annie Spratt on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “I Have One Line. Where will it go?

  1. Oh, excellent take on the prompt. Kudos!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I thought you played so very well with Perfection and Judgement. Fascinating take Rose.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Micheal. If it weren’t for these challenges, I may not have started writing and creating three years ago.

      Liked by 1 person

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