Today I learned about a  renown Tibetan poet, Milarepa (1052 – 1135 CE) through my friends at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Milarepa was known for his wisdom and songs. The challenge was to read part of a song written by the Tibetan poet, then write a haiku in response. Here is part of his poem:

Faith is the firm foundation of my house,
Diligence forms the high walls,
Meditation makes the huge bricks,
And Wisdom is the great corner-stone.
With these four things I build my castle,
And it will last as long as the Truth eternal!
Your worldly houses are delusions,
Mere prisons for the demons,
And so I would abandon and desert them

© Milarepa

Here is my response to the challenge:

I erase each verse

Pleading for inspiration

Wisdom  whispers, “Om




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