“Why” Is a Lonely Question

I feel selfish asking. Feels like demanding. Got to ask why. Why do I want so many others receiving what I have to say? In a selfish, human way..to be remembered.

I have had so many experiences and setbacks and unexpected goings on that others may not have had. I’ve been a minority. I have been that fearful, introverted woman. I have been lost. I’ve left many times, married many times. Worked so many blue collared jobs that I can’t count them all. Had children, lost them, I pay child support.

It may come down to being able to hold presence. Hold on in the painful moments. Teach. Explore the lessons I’ve learned. Learn some others from people who have had different experiences. Dream. Open my eyes. Opportunities to act. Give back. Find humanity.

The colorful image is one stage of my most recent painting, “Metamorphasis.” My words  are a part of a longer response to Sonora’s 30 Day Journal Challenge. Inspiration for sharing is, of course, Mindlovemisery Menagerie’s Photo Challenge.

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