Artist Site in Construction!

Long time no see!

I’ve been on a long journey through NaNoWriMo, a horrible fiction first draft, a strange memoir first draft and now I’ve been creating in line and color.

I am currently part of a six month art mentor group that has the added benefit of accountability. This, my friends, is a game changer! I’ve been making art every day and it’s crazy to watch my process in different stages as I use color to heal past wounds to painting my first series.

The website, TinyArt Originals, is in process but you should hop over there to check out the pictures I have up as well as subscribe to my very first newsletter. In it, you will have a first glance at my process as I experiment with different mediums and different media types. I’ve been sharing most of this process on Instagram and Facebook in the past.

Time for all of that to change!

As we speak, I am putting together a list of my favorite people who inspire me, what they can offer you and some mighty big inspiration. It’s a growing list but I wanted to let you be the first with the curated list. Cuz I love you that much for sticking by me through the bad poetry, strange stories and interesting challenges.

Take a moment to look. If what you see inspires, makes you smile or makes you want to create your own masterpieces, go check out TinyArt Originals.

See you all soon 😀



1 thought on “Artist Site in Construction!

  1. Awesome, best of luck with your art!


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