At the Corner of Desk and What Now?


Today’s piece, “Crisp Fall Morning,” marks the halfway point in a collage challenge created by Shelly Klammer.  Truth be told, there were many times I wasn’t sure that I would make it this far.

At the beginning of the challenge, my goal was to have access to her 100 Day Collage Course for free after creating a daily collage for ninety days. I thought her program was unique and I had never attempted collage as a daily practice.

But as I created and posted, layers of self began to shed. I had days where Resistance was strong, my bed beckoned and promise of possible inspiration sounded so sweet. The pull of Resistance was especially hard on days that had been rough and the feeling of failure reigned. On those days, I’d grab a few shreds of wrapping paper and old work and paste them altogether.

On other days, images revolved inside my mind until I could settle down at my desk. Those images took nearly no effort on my part, I automatically settled on materials and the collage was done and shared. On those days, I felt like Resistance had lost not only my phone number, but my location on a GPS map.

This piece was one that began with unknowing but as pieces fell together, the image–the symbolism–became crystal clear. There was fertile ground underneath all that muck and colors and texture radiated my joy.



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