Time Travel


homemade, spicy

creating, exploring, inhaling

desert heat, seafood meat

fishing, cracking, lip-smacking

Old Bay treat

Chesapeake crab


Folded into an envelope for Poets on the Page

Image courtesy of Amanda Sandlin

Note: In this poem, I use food to describe the passage of time between childhood and adulthood.

In New Mexico, I loved to eat the homemade tamales my neighbors used to make. I learned to respect difference as well as the animals in the desert.

The crab at the end of the poem symbolizes my life thus far in Maryland. Much time has passed and many lessons learned. Here I learned forgiveness and how to climb mountains.


1 thought on “Time Travel

  1. I love this for two reasons. One is that it is very good. The other is that I grew up in Maryland with those crabs and I lived 11 years in New Mexico and loved it also. Not because of the food although in terms of memories it is a happy trigger! Loved reading!

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