Eve of OctoPoWriMo 2016

Hi my friends 🙂

After a long sojourn through the lands of first drafts, acrylic paint, collage and personal development–I am back. I have faced my Resistance in many areas and come away a winner a few times.

I am back to participate in another year of OctoPoWriMo. That, I know for sure. I have been doing a lot of thinking and I would like to take the blog in a new direction and see what happens.

The direction? Therein lies the mystery..MWAHAHAHA!

What to expect from Bohemian NERD this upcoming month is a daily poem that may not rhyme, follow a pattern or even stick to one subject. I’m keeping it really low key. The poems may, or may not, be accompanied by an image. But I promise there’ll be poetry.

I decided to write poetry for October because I have a goal! I want to start easing back into daily writing and ultimately to publish some of my words. But I’ve gotta start at the beginning..again. Make work that stinks and poems that may not get many “likes.” Or perhaps horrible criticisms. Who knows.

The point is that I am finally writing for myself. That’s it. Because of this, you may not see my writing in many link ups. And that’s ok. Life is too short to not care for yourself.

Anyway, I will be joining you all this month and I am looking forward to sharing some of the things I have been doing while I was gone and reading all of your lovelies 😀


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3 thoughts on “Eve of OctoPoWriMo 2016

  1. Such wisdom! And yes, we should all write for ourselves first.

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    1. If only I had known earlier in life lol. I’m enjoying getting older 🙂

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      1. /sigh/ I’m beginning to. Lol.

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