Way Up There I Knew…


So many lives, dramas below me going on at the same time I was watching from above. Above where? In my own secret space where nobody could find me. Where I could be alone without having to leave humanity. Where if something happened, I would be one of the first to see it, experience it, record it.


I had power at my fingertips, I could make the decision to live or jump, I was in control and no one else. What would happen if I flew off the roof? Would I find myself in another plane of time? A windowpane? Pane of glass. Pain in body. I knew once again I would renew my commitment to breath, being, a human being. Being in love, being in pane, being sitting in the sunlight, a beam.


Inspired by Messy, Beautiful Pages #27 at Firefly Creative Writing.com


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