Over at A Dash of Sunny, Sanaa has been gracious to offer weekly prompt nights. This week we were challenged to consider perfection in all its flashy colors.

Here is my contribution:

Potato-church eyes
beets grow new clothes
Variance has no place
Where the Red River flows

Before y’all think I’m going all Children of the Corn on you, listen to the explanation. It will only take a moment of your time 😀

I grew up in a small farming community that relied upon its beet and potato harvest as well as its church. My family didn’t have much money to tithe, nor a crop to contribute to the annual harvest. I went to a Catholic school where generations of farmer’s kids had gone before.

My clarinet never tuned right and I preferred the school library to athletic sports. In order to be perfect and popular, you had to come from the right family, donated much of your money to the Church and play football or hockey.

Fast-forward to now, I have a much different perception of perfection. It tastes really good with Ranch 🙂


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