How To Learn About the Writing Craft

Time Limit: 20 min

Spend all my money on writing courses
Buy all the best craft books
Spend fifteen minutes a day reading about a singular thing
Reading all the Evernote articles I have on craft
Focus on different aspects
Focus on just one per month
Hire a writing coach
Ask for help though Facebook
Join a prestigeious writing group
Submit one of my unedited workds on my blog every day
Learn how to edit
Find different writing forums and submit my work for feedback
Live in New York
Spend hours alone describing every moment in time in great detail
Write more poetry
Read more short stories
Read about famous authors
Read famous authors advice
Quit althogether and just journal for myself
Learn the art of just the short story
Quiz myself on the different aspects of writing on an hourly basis
Ask people on Twitter how to get published
Follow NaNoWriMo advice on how to edit my WIP created in November
Bring out an old creation and learn how to edit using that
Save to afford an online accredited writing course
Keep bugging friends to read and crit my work
Ask at all parties if there are any writers who are willing to share all their secrets
Drink until an idea appears and then write the hell out of it even if it disappears after the second bottle of wine
Give all my possessions away and live on the street in order to get the starving artist point of view
Buy everything that promises to help you publish an ebook in 30 days, pay with a credit card
Start drinking hot tea before dawn and practice different yoga techniques until your Muse arrives
Write nonsense for the next 365 days
Decide to subscribe to five different writing magazines and get them in text to audio format for easier “digestion”
Buy a subscription to an audiobook service and audition to read the books out loud in exchange for a good reference
Bring your plea to a crowdfunding campaign
Use your creative side to create the best sandwich board that will radiate your potential to be an amazing writer
Practice your skills while driving your kids to work by reading last night’s inspired poetry
Admit that you can’t go it alone and join every single writer’s facebook that you can find
Buy several different colored turtlenecks and show up every day at a different coffee store and used bookstore
Print off your latest version of your WIP and give them to your family and friends as Christmas presents
Buy the latest dictionary of slang as a way to improve your grammar skills
Retrieve your college textbooks on Latin and Creative Writing and start reading them like you were supposed to so many years ago…
Buy the best pen on Amazon and write your favorite author a love letter
Decide to become just like your favorite writer in style, grammar and lifestyle
Get your palm read by a person trained in locating “undiscovered talent”
Take screenwriting classes
Go to every conference held within three states of your hometown
Apply to writer residences in the hopes that they will see your work and clamor to host you, tuition free
Consider creating a vlog just to read your stories to an eager crowd
Create a blog and post nothing but your own work…

Image Courtesy of Alex Mihis


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