See You in the Puppet Afterlife

You know, you look a lot like Bert off of..

“Yeah, I get that a lot. You know why?” he smirked, “it’s because I AM Bert! Do you think for one second that just because I performed all my life on Sesame Street making peanuts, that I don’t deserve to have a chance at whatever lies beyond? I was waiting for the AMERICAN DREAM…”
“Quit it now, Bert. He hasn’t harmed you.”

I look over, and who is it but Kermit the frog wrapped in the arms of a very gray Miss Piggy.
“Whats wrong with her?” I whisper trying to stay out of earshot of the porcine beauty.
“Thats what happens when you wait here long enough. Look around you.”

The room was filled with leftovers of people, pets, zombies, presidents, puppets and even one strange porpoise.
“So what brings you to our happy waiting room?” Ernie says, who was hiding behind Bert this entire time, cowering like a little mouse. Figures.

Well, it’s actually a funny story. I was traveling along the mountains in search of the fall colors, and..
“Wait!” a voice croaked, “You fell off the mountain trying to get the best shot!” Various noises echoed throughout the shiny metal walls.
“I know! I know!” a brown half zombie, half salesman interjected, “you was burnt up in that unfortunate fire that happened awhile ago! I remember hearing about that. Meant to come by to help, but you know how busy life can be..”
What the hell is this place? I scanned the room for clues. Magazines a few decades old. Check. “DING DING! He gets a prize!” Coming from my left, a heard a rough laugh. Of course, why not Betelgeuse.

Who is this Grand Pooh Bah we are waiting for?

Nothing but the sound of tin crickets filled the room.

Photo Courtesy of lauramusikanski



4 thoughts on “See You in the Puppet Afterlife

  1. Oh, my poor Muppet friend and well the narrator too of course.
    Funny I have a little Kermie that I thought my grand-daughter had borrowed.
    And yet he was safe at home the whole time on top of the china hutch…

    Oh, we puppets of the muses 🙂

    As you saw I enjoyed your music prompt 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my BeeBee mystery snippet.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What fun and quirky style of writing. Awesome:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! After reading one of Austin Kleon’s books, I decided to release some of my short story experiments 🙂 It’s freeing to show these 🙂


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