A Tale Told in Tiny Bites

Our Hero was dressed in armor that had survived centuries of victory and defeat. But it was unlike any regular armor. Instead of metal, she wore a long blue shirt. Four neon symbols- heart, brain, pencil and music note, served as her protector. Her weapon was sheathed in a small pouch, hidden within her armor.

She crouched behind a massive oak tree waiting for her mortal enemy, Fear, to come out of the shadows. An bruised outline swirled and flattened. Its power did not lay in physical damage. Instead, it had the ability to drain the opponents heart, soul and body like a vampire. This time Fear assumed the shape of Evangeline’s mother, doughy and unkempt. Worry lines and tears streamed down its face. Hairless and covered in filth, It approached our hero leaving teardrops and moans scattered like fall leaves.
Fear, cried out in her mother’s voice. “There you are Ann. I was so worried about you. Me and the girls prayed for you every single night hoping that we could still save your soul. Please come home and take care of your children. They need their mother.” Shame and Sadness, black jagged darts, traveled silently and lodged in heart and throat.

Our Hero, long enemy of Fear, fell to her knees clutching her throat. Our hero slowly drew her weapon, a flower the color of perfect sunrises and ripe raspberries. “What is that?” whispered Fear, its white lips pursed to reveal gray, mottled gums.

“You will suffer and die like a mongrel, Not Good Enough. You will not vanquish me this time. I know your name and every place you lurk.The name of your Killer is Persistence.”

Fear became its most powerful and deadly shape, oldest daughter. “Please momma,” she whispered. “I am sorry I didn’t call you for so long. I am sorry. Come Home.”

Our Hero knew what must be done. She drew a deep breath, “I am living and choosing to live as I wish. I do not need your ok or your permission. Be gone.”

Fear sobbed, tearing at its empty eyes. Our hero continued chanting until Fear slipped back into the shadows.

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