Pieces of She

The instigator,  the clown angel and dealer. Stranger on the train and isolated Jane.

The battered, the victim, the perpetrator and the teacher. I am the mother of three children all who are beautiful and intelligent– autodidacts like I have never seen.

At eight, a rock genius. Silent angel at fourteen she is just now trying to find her own way and I am the last person who will stop her.

Baby at fifteen who has no idea why she feels the way she does but I have her back and she is the sweetest when caught off guard.

I am a survivor

Person of interest, shifting identities and a homemaker. Caregiver, bell ringer, maid, cat tamer and wild horse driver.

A woman of genteel and a dastardly coward as well.  Traveler a deceiver a train hopper and believer

in miracles.

oldest of six and no longer my mothers child.

I am me.


1 thought on “Pieces of She

  1. Enjoyed reading this heart warming post and breezy in style, spreading positive energy:)

    Liked by 1 person

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