Twitter Tuesday: Fun and Games

Good day friends!

In my opinion, Twitter has surpassed all kinds of boundaries since inception–age, social status, occupation, location, nationality–just to name a few. It is used to form connections, build relationships, express opinions and much more. But have you ever played word games on Twitter? Today I will introduce you to a few places you can start building your 140 character repertoire!

Every Tuesday the NERD features people or entities that possess “a bit of that magic.” They challenge us to use words beyond honey-do lists, teenage requests and ingredients in mayonnaise. This week I want to call your attention to two individuals who inspire art and encourage community in less than 140 characters.

Over at Verse Reversal, mere Muses may not apply. Challenges are created daily and have been known to cause addiction, screaming Muses and ripping through comfort zones.  Prompts can be found at #VerseReversal

Follow the host @VerseReversal and @SpreadingWords

Think you’ve mastered 140 characters? Each Tuesday, submit your “little darlings” to folks over at 200WordTuesdays. One monthly theme, two prompts and a two hundred word limit. Go on, I dare you.

Follow over at @200WordTuesdays
Do you know of anyone I should follow on Twitter? Feel free to share in the comments.

Image courtesy of Alvimann


2 thoughts on “Twitter Tuesday: Fun and Games

  1. There are some great Twitter accounts to follow if you are into word prompts. One of my favorites is #Ashverse hosted by @Meshash and another one is #MadVerse hosted by @MadQueenStorm. You’re right it is very addicting! There are so many – too many to list. In fact, I have a list dedicated for these types of accounts. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to see my list but here’s the link:

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    1. Those two accounts are among my favorites as well! Thank you for the link

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