Midweek #ROW Update: Wasn’t It Just Wednesday??

Hello friends!

Here we are, once again Wednesday appears on the calendar. As the summer days begin to wind down, I wonder if I have been sleeping in a time machine disguised as a bed. Anything is possible 😛



  • take time every day to read for pleasure.

I have been reading in the evenings lately instead of right before bed. I get through a couple pages and out I go!

Current book: “Eight Months on Ghazzah Street” by Hilary Mantel


  • Participate in daily meditative writing
  • free-write for at least thirty minutes a day
  • practice writing with a clear plot, motivation and goal in mind

Reaching two out of three of the goals this week. I meditate using breath control and/or mindfulness and then complete a journal entry on a daily basis. I’m happy to have this new ritual–it really sets me up in a good mindset for the day.

The last sub goal, writing with a clear plot and goal, have been much harder to complete. I have been struggling with character development which affects plot, motivation and goals. I’ll keep trying with this one.


  • Plan/ schedule posts a week ahead

Slipping just a tad, but created a spreadsheet to help me plan ahead of time. Crossing fingers.


  • Keep in consistent contact with communities I belong to

Doing well in this department. I value the time spent with my various tribes. It’s nice to get out of my head every so often.


  • Check in with my goals on a daily basis and adjust smaller goals accordingly

Also working out well. I review them on a spreadsheet in the morning and then before bedtime. Then I can plan what I want to accomplish for the next day. The spreadsheet also keeps me accountable for what I have (and have not) completed during the week.


  • 1 new submission each week.
    –Post account of rejections and acceptances

So many are still pending…


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