Twitter Tuesday: In 140 Characters or Less

Good day friends!

How is your WIP going? I have become a huge believer in spending time with other writers  wherever they may appear 🙂 I belong to a couple great communities through Twitter that motivate me to keep going with the writing process. It’s important to feel comfortable and be silly as well as serious about writing. I don’t know about you, but 97% of my time is spend inside my mind observing and processing life (once in awhile I argue with my Muse lol). It’s a breath of fresh air to climb out and be social a few times a week.

Every Tuesday the NERD features four people or entities that possess “a bit of that magic.” They weave threads of mystery, inspiration, literary madness, just to name a few of their powers. This week I want to call your attention to four individuals who create art in less than 140 characters.

First on my list is an artist referred only as Gunslinger. He “names the unnameable, starts arguments and stops [the world] from going to sleep.” Micro-fiction and poetry is anything but light and playful. It demands to be observed and ingested by those who dare to read it.

Follow him @RMSheepdog

Next up is Sophie Strange, an artist that refuses to  be silenced by ignorance or obstacle. Her micro-poetry is lyrical, but make no mistake–she is a forced to be reckoned.

Follow her @Sophie_Strange

GYeulett is a brand new find for me. His work is ethereal and haunting, it whispers of places beyond human knowledge.  In addition to poetry, he also features an impressive collection of the best artists across the Twitterverse Divide.

Check him out @GYeulett

The artist, simply known as George, possesses the ability to convince time itself to pause so he can capture it for all to experience. His poetry speaks of loss as well as perfection.

Follow him @BklynMercado

Do you know of anyone I should follow on Twitter? Feel free to share in the comments.

Image by Luke Palmer


1 thought on “Twitter Tuesday: In 140 Characters or Less

  1. Thank you for the mention, I feel both honored AA& humbled by it.

    Liked by 1 person

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