Music Friday Prompt #4 “Queen of the Night” from The Magic Flute by Mozart – The Girl and The Boy

Immediately I felt right there in the moment–one artist reaching out the only way one can in search of community. Amazing 🙂


This week we are asked to use Mozart’s ‘Queen of the Night’s ‘aria from “The Magic Flute” as the basis for a piece of writing.

The girl looked up from her screen

She’d written another thousand words

Once again tears streamed down her face.

She was, as always, writing about suffering

Her suffering

Her pain

Her lose of dignity

The theft of her childhood

The annihilation of her self.

The cause was too great to give up on

There were others out there she knew

Like her, tormented by their pasts,

Hanging onto to her words

As they drew strength and courage

To the revelations they would make

About pasts wracked with traumas

Leaving them shells of what might have been.

Across an ocean far far away

A boy looked up from his screen

What he read triggered the worst of thoughts

Accusations of inadequacies‘You’re no good, no use, buy…

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