Throwback: One Penny Tootsies

Hi there! It’s so nice to see you again. Are you ready for Friday yet?

Today’s memory is all about pieces of chocolate, vanilla, watermelon and punch flavored sugar tenderly wrapped in wax paper. They lived in corner and drugstores across the nation between shellacked Boston Baked Beans and Lick a Stick. Remember them now 🙂

When I was ten years old, my dad lived three blocks away from the neighborhood corner store. It resembled a small white shuttered house with a wooden ramp connecting to the side of it. On any given day, between five and fifteen abandoned bikes could be found waiting like loyal horses for their cowboys and girls. Many  bought the candy cigarettes (despite parental warning) and jawbreakers designed to last for months.

Every Friday I would move through my chores as though on fire, collect my two dollars and follow the bike path behind our house to the store. Two pieces of paper became small squares by the time I arrived. This time I would spend fifty pennies on chocolate, twenty on vanilla (for my brother), thirty on watermelon and the remaining hundred pennies on reckless tootsie roll choices.

I would often buy out their stock then watch the cashier load bag after paper bag full of well earned treats. Enough to last me until next payday at least. My parents would follow the paper trail hoping to capture an abandoned chocolate or watermelon but always failed.

These days the corner store houses wildlife and tall green grass instead of candy and the kids are too busy playing video games to be bothered about penny candy. Not even the candy cigarettes. Tootsie roll prices have risen over the years, now categorized as “classic candy.”

Ah, but the chocolate! I can still taste each one 🙂

3 thoughts on “Throwback: One Penny Tootsies

  1. You wrote this so well, I can taste those tootsie rolls…

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    1. Well thank you 🙂 What flavors did you love?


      1. Almost everything–I was a candy-hound, especially on Sundays, as dad would take us to the drugstore after church, where we were allowed to buy candy for the day…

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