Liberty Belle

Liberty-belle, she walks along the shore
Mademoiselle in red platform shoes
Electric-spell cast no more
Scorpion-shell now her Muse

Dwell not on your poison pill
Sell your sadness by the crate
Spell out fire in ink and blood
Rebel voice your armor plate

My poem was written in the lento form for today’s challenge at B&P’s Shardoma and Beyond. According to the Shadow Poetry website, the lento was created by Lencio Dominic Rodrigues and means “slowly” in Italian.

It is to be written in two quatrains and follows a  fixed rhyme scheme of abcb, defe as the second and fourth lines of each stanza must rhyme. In addition, the first word of each verse must rhyme as well.

Fancy a shot at it? Create your own lento, link it over at B&P’s Shardoma and Beyond and then visit others lento inspirations 🙂

Photo found at Gratisography


12 thoughts on “Liberty Belle

  1. That’s such an amazing and enticing poem. Thanks for sharing:)

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  2. Love the way you used the hyphens in the first stanza and “sell your sadness by the crate” is so powerful!! Great lento 🙂

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  3. Standing ovation – great and really cool post!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I love a good challenge. It’s like figuring out a good crossword puzzle


      1. Glad we could accommodate you! I can’t let a poetry challenge pass me by … though there have been times that I’ve pulled my hair out to write it …

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      2. I really missed doing challenges for the last two months. Got my blog mostly done, organization plan running and posts planned. Glad to be back among the writing. Been subbing out a ton of my poetry with few replies :/ But I am getting my work out there


      3. Glad you’ve gotten all organized the way you want it and happy to see you back, it’s not easy to re-organize! The important thing is that you’re among the writing again!

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  4. love the last line – strong Belle!

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  5. Oh I LIKE this one! Well Done–and I see another Belle was featured.

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    1. It was ready to be written. Ever feel that way?


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