Twitter Tuesday: Creative Minds

Good afternoon friends,

Hope your Muses are behaving themselves 🙂 I wrote a rant aimed at my main character who has been unable to figure out her motivation in not one, but several different stories. This time, I reminded her that there is a long line of words who would gladly take her place if she decided to continue being uncooperative!

Over the summer, Bohemian NERD has undergone some extensive changes. In addition to cleaning out old posts and “unpinnable” pictures, the NERD will featured a couple themed days per week. Unless stated otherwise:

  •      Tuesdays features new Twitter finds relevant to the world of craft and inspiration
  •      Thursdays will offer “Throwback” stories set in the time before iPhones
  •       Fridays we will travel over to Mindlovemisery Menagerie where I host a musical prompt

First on my list of amazing creatives is Miss Dragonwillow, part of the crew over at StoryDam. She is a woman of many diverse talents from poetry to urban gardening. My favorite blog of hers is called “A Poet’s Kitchen” where vegetables love their poetry 🙂 Follow her @MDragonwillow

Next up is a lovely lady by the name of Grace Black who writes many of my favorite lines of micropoetry. She is part of 3 Line Thursday, a flash fiction prompt that limits the participant to no more than three lines and thirty words in response to the weekly visual feast. Grace is also the author of the book “Three Lines.” Follow her @blackinkpinkdsk
Angela Ackerman over at Writers Helping Writers is one of my favorite go-to resources for advice on characters, setting, word building, symbol creation and so much more. Bookmark her blog and Twitter handle, she is gold! Follow her @onestop4writers
Finally I present Kayla Hollatz, a lady from my home state in Minnesota, who is a true creative. She has a gift for design and detail, loves short-form poetry and hostess for #createlounge. Join us on Wednesday nights at 7pm CT for a face-paced chat 🙂 Follow her @kayla_hollatz
Do you know of anyone I should follow on Twitter? Feel free to share in the comments.

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