Weekend Coffee Share: Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Hello there!

How have you been? I can’t wait to hear about your week, even the lousy parts 🙂 It’s raining here today so it truly feels like a lazy Saturday. We are going to a luau party tonight so I baked up some Hawaiian Coconut Bread to add to the festivities. Have you made any amazing food lately? Feel free to share 🙂

How are your writing projects going? Are the characters playing nice or not so much? I’ve been submitting my poetry to various magazines lately with little luck. On Wednesday I received my first rejection email. I promptly threw it into the found poetry compost pile for later 🙂 I did have more luck with BluSky Collective. In fact, they agreed to publish three of my lovelies as individual poems! The first poem with original picture will make its debut on Monday. So keep your eyes peeled!

Other than that I’ve been whipping up one of my WIP so it will be ready in November for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I won last year by writing more than fifty thousand words in one month! I titled that first draft “The Art of Getting Lost.” Are you participating in Camp NaNo right now or planning on this year’s NaNo? Let me know!

Lastly, I would like your feedback about content on my blog. Currently I post writing and poetry challenge responses and participate in Weekend Coffee Share on Saturdays and Redefining Disability on Mondays. I’m in the process of a complete overhaul for Bohemian NERD.

What makes you drop everything and pin like a mad person? Who do you follow inside “My Favorite (blank) on Twitter?

Please take a moment to fill out a poll. I promise no Adware Monkeys will steal you in the night, nor Pop Up Dragon burn you 🙂

I am glad we were able to get together for a bit 🙂 Be sure to visit Part-Time Monster today. She is the magic behind Weekend Coffee Share.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Happy National Ice Cream Day!

  1. Good luck with the reboot! I’ve been working on the Monster lately, too, and it’s rewarding but time-consuming.

    And good luck with NaNo!

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    1. Good luck on that Monster. Really enjoying your Penny Dreadful reviews 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks! I’m already wishing that it were time for season 3. lol

        Liked by 1 person

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