Fibonacci Cat

Spazzy Leash

Dreams blue
Wings black eye
He trills and crouches low
Glass-sheeted screen divide-               bluebird finishes his bath

Linked to The Music In It: Adele Kenny’s Poetry Blog and The Fib Review:

The Fibonacci poem is a poetry form based on the structure of the Fibonacci number sequence. For those unfamiliar with the Fibonacci Sequence, it is a mathematical sequence in which every figure is the sum of the two preceding it.

For a 6-line poem:
1 syllable or word for first line
1 syllable or word for second line
2 syllables or words for third
3 syllables or words for fourth
5 syllables or words for fifth
8 syllables or words for sixth

First two lines should set the tone—these two words should show what the poem is about. The first 2 words are always the most difficult. And if you use the reversed or diamond shaped form the last 2 words are equally difficult and the most important. This is where most poets fail – they can’t find a way to end the poem.
Last line —the juxtaposition, punchline, point of the poem – just like with any other poem.


2 thoughts on “Fibonacci Cat

  1. I enjoyed that very much!
    And thanks for your fun entry in this week’s Limerick-Off!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! I haven’t done much blog posting lately. Been submitting my poetry various places and such. Glad I was able to participate again 😀


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