Chilling with “The Pleasant Horror of Fairytales”

Good afternoon/morning/night, my friends!

I’ve been focusing much of my attention on developing some of my poems and flash fiction while the school district is on summer break. However, I came across this nifty set of challenges that give a different prompt each week. This is my response to Challenge #2 called “The Pleasant Horreur of Fairytales.” For details on the complete prompt, please visit Herons and Plenum.

What Is:

the name of your favorite color and post something in nature that begat its name

My favorite color is zaffre. According to Wikipedia, it is a “alchemical substance obtained by roasting cobalt ore, used in the Victorian Era to prepare smalt and stain glass blue.”


the darkness: post a photo of what’s beneath your bed

Tiny Spaz

A marmelade Spazzer of course!

a scary feat you accomplished

Giving life to both my lovely ladies 🙂

what my mirror sees

  • chicken-calmer
  • wood nymph, complete with an abundance of reddish curls
  • adventurous with a desperate need for every experience I can grab
  • my nose, chin, hair and lack of vision from my mother (in dark blue standing against the fence)
  • adopted step-mother who serves as role model for a certain young lady I know!
  • a sexy woman in her thirties willing to let her hair down at times

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

phonetically spell out the ultimate love declaration

/Ay/ ehkhsehpt/ hwu/ yu/ ar/

(I accept who you are)


(Click on picture to enlarge)

Note: this chart details the type of sound made which is determined by tongue placement and category of sound. Just one thing I had to learn back in graduate school 🙂

For the next eight weeks, Herons and Plenum  invite you to follow a prompt, give voice to a story, construct or unearth a fairytale, discover how to connect with the word in the West.

Join us in an exploration of creativity, craft, consciousness and collaboration. Discover with us what it is to plunge in, dissolve, disappear and surface again. Come play. Seriously.

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