Weekend Coffee Share: Happy Log Cabin Day!

Good morning friends!

This week I’ve been nestled inside the Blue Ridge Mountains visiting family. I spend most early mornings in my current office (ala attic) watching the various flora and fauna stretch their legs and grab their breakfast. Don’t worry, we don’t need to visit in the office–how about we make a quick trip to Roanoke? We’ll find a cozy coffee shop that is anything but corporate.

Did you know today is Log Cabin Day in the mighty land of Michigan? It is celebrated on the last Sunday in June and brings people together to celebrate the historical presence of some of the oldest buildings there. Have you ever been inside one? When I was a teen, my family visited a few cabins. I really loved the simply beauty that can be found within those humble walls.

May I buy you a bagel or amazing cookie? I’ve had a few of them and they are very addictive! Perhaps if I buy one… 😀

I haven’t been around the blogosphere for the last couple of days because I have been submitting poetry to literary journals 😀 Yesterday I sent in six of my poems to Literary Juice and the process took up all of my morning and a few hours in early afternoon! But I got them all formatted just right and drew up a simple cover letter as well. I blew my darlings a kiss before I sent them off into the great “Unknown.” Then I set about to create a spreadsheet detailing links of the poems, dates submitted and where they went. Tons of work but hopefully the process will be a lot smoother now.

In other news, I wrote my first couplet sonnet featuring iambic feet! A couple of my crit partners set the gauntlet at my feet, so I just HAD to do it. Are you ready? Here goes…

Fog crept o’r the mountainside
Where trees and sky collide
Rabbits slip across the lawn
Tasting breakfast served at dawn
Birds fly /past the windowpane
To drink the dew from evening rain

Daylight heat will wake too soon
Driving me from attic cocoon
To sit inside a darkened space
Wordpress, Google, Twitter place
‘Til sun retreats from clouded sky
Night air steals in, by and by

Stars alight on grass and trees
The rhythm of night’s reprise

Do you write sonnets or form feet on your unsuspecting poetry? You are welcome to share 🙂

I see that it’s almost 9AM here which means I gotta get ready for a girls day out to the farmer’s market and recipe exchange.

Take care of yourself and enjoy each moment that comes your way 🙂

Weekend Coffee Share is brought to you every week by the illustrious Part-Time Monster

4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Happy Log Cabin Day!

  1. Congrats on your submissions! The waiting process can be rough.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True. I submitted two poems back in April to another journal just to find out they will not close until the end of this month. Lol.


  2. It’s a very expressive poem, touching strings in the heart. The happy log cabin day is interesting:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was nice catching up with you 🙂


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