Sunday morning I rise before birdsong begins and drop of moon in the sky. My chocolate mint, she waits to be bedded down into cool earth among her own kind. Mozart tags along as garden meditation begins. Her breath matches mine, inhale.

Trowel digs deep into garden next to spearmint, breathe out and stretch. The soil, palpable and alive, relaxes as do I. Breathe out, transient roots provide stability covered with cool earth. Morning air, warm embrace.

Movement to my right disturbs my meditation, and I look up. Ten yellow-headed blackbirds rest on lavender, like bees to flowers.

Linked to Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about dirt. You can go with the idea of digging into the dirt as an analogy, or you can be realistic. Maybe a character has “the dirt” on someone or another has “dirty laundry” to hide.

carrot ranch flash fiction


11 thoughts on “A Garden Meditation

  1. So nice to find this when I came to wander. I had some chocolate mint this year.
    I still don’t have a handle on how many leaves to brew. I think I did too many the first time.
    But once brewed I found only mint…no chocolate.

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