Two lawn chairs sit next to abandoned pool
Recording secret messages of birds
Not made of rocks, marshmallows or tulle
But faded flowers, aluminum and words

Lawn chair is like a life raft in the middle of a concrete sea
Safe from mind blocks, spiders and aching bones
Cloud servant and dream ally

Lawn chair cocoons my sweat, bones and glass of Chablis
Offering views of green pine, dying yellow shrub, sliding lizards—pictures for phones
A conduit between Virginia and blue sky

Oasis from darkened room and conditioned air, I can
Breathe again

Inspired by imaginary garden with real toads:

I ask you to think of something simple, something down to earth or day to day–what, for example, your eye passes over as you look over (right now) from your computer screen–and find a poem or ode in it.
Note that the poem/ode can start with something relatively “lowly”, but then scale whatever heights or fancies you wish.  In other words, your ode can, but, need need simply describe the object or experience that is its inspiration; it can just use object or experience as a place for lift-off (if you like).
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

11 thoughts on “Ode to a Lawn Chair

    1. Glad to find out that you are “Rose”. Google Plus doesn’t do us any favors but your “About” page tells it nicely. So far I have joined Google Plus for more free photo posting but I haven’t let it take away my profile, yet.

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  1. Ah lovely–great contrasts and reversals here–you become the larvae in the chair–even as you escape from bugs on the ground! All stanzas are very cool, but love the opening–I too am one who wants to be away from conditioned air! Thanks so much for participating with this cool poem and pic. k.

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