Good morning my friends!

I’m in Virginia today visiting my boyfriend’s mother and his daughter. So we don’t disturb the household, let’s take our coffee date to a little cafe I know just down the road. I know there are a lot of Starbucks but that ain’t the way I roll 😀 I’ve never liked corporate coffee lol

Put away your purse/wallet please. Your beverage of choice is on me. I want to say thank you for your company and conversation. I look forward to our coffee date every week.

Did you know people will be celebrating Make Music Day as well as Summer Solstice this weekend? Well–Summer Solstice if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice if you live in the Southern Hemisphere. Found out about that fact while writing a “wikem” for a prompt by The Happy Amateur. The things you learn!

A bit of good news–I am officially on vacation as of yesterday! I survived my first year of substitute teaching 😀 On my last day I taught a fourth grade class which means keep them busy until lunchtime lol. We watched the most recent version of Narnia for most of the morning. Around 11 am a student came up to me to announce that someone had thrown up in the bathroom sink. The classroom quickly filled with a very pungent odor–so bad one could smell it down the hall. The entire class lined up in the hallway. It was chaos! No one ‘fessed up to causing the mess so we took five students at a time to be “interviewed” by the nurse. What a way to end the school year lol

Other than that, looking forward to attending a beer tasting on Sunday and then journeying to Raleigh, Virginia to see his cousin and their baby for a week!

It was wonderful catching up with you again. Take care of yourself and don’t forget the sunscreen!

The morning is still so very young, I hope you will be able to check out the comings and goings of our friends 😀


9 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Happy Make Music Day AND Summer Solstice!

  1. What an end to the year indeed! I’m sure the kiddo who caused the mess was embarrassed, but that’s just awful for everyone. At least you’re on break now! Hope you have a good time in VA!

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  2. I had no idea it was make music day this weekend, one more reason to get my violin out today. I love the little coffee shop you took us to I always prefer small places to larger corporate affairs.

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