Over at the Rock Shoppe

Display counters at a rock shop:
Ancient stink of moldy matter, dinosaur
Poop a foil for hardened eggs
Mother Earth, a trap of unanswered “whys”

Owner in rock hunter pose
Names each formation, sea of grassy stone
round color catches my eye, purple vigorous shine
Delicate egg birthed from tumbler time, sparkle purr for me

It was found inside the belly of an impartial T Rex
Guarded by alarms it possessed magical powers, a stone leaning against prison bars
He turned towards the door chime and in flew a crow of gigantic size
stone freed it gave a shrill cry, flying away to spread universal demise

My poem was inspired by Quickly, but don’t stress out. She challenged us to create a poem or story from a list of twelve words:

display, stink, foil, trap, pose, grassy, vigorous, purr, impartial, leaning, crow and universal


3 thoughts on “Over at the Rock Shoppe

  1. Nice!! After ny own heart…I LOVE rocks!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Applause for using them in order 🙂
    So much beauty and history encapsulate in stone.
    I didn’t – I did another mash.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😀 I love your mashes


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