Painting a Bathroom Door With Words

visual poetry of bathroom door

Village of doors stand before me
Strewn across the country
From Miami Beach to small town Wisconsin

White motel door with a Cuban accent recalled
The night she watched a man sit in the hall
The Human fire alarm

Another, behind the hospital, recalled the tenant upstairs
Who talked to herself with no one there

At the very end, there she was
Holding court underneath narrow stairs
Silently recording our history

My sisters have always been drawn to the visual arts while words bathed me. But today, I was coaxed out of my ego to paint with my words. The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt, a new challenge site by Bee, challenged me to write about bathroom doors. But the challenge didn’t stop there–I was then asked to paint a picture using my words! With her prompt and Language is a Virus, here is the debut of my first visual poem 🙂

Linked to The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt by Bee Writes


2 thoughts on “Painting a Bathroom Door With Words

  1. Wow that is a great poem and I love the picture. Thanks so much for taking part! It’s much appreciated!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It was good to expand my horizons a bit 🙂 Thank you


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