if we didn’t give the sitter
too much grief
stacked up potatoes (unless you prefer sardines)
journey toward flour dusted heaven
land of

“Family Sized Cowboy Pizza — A Local Favorite!
Just Take and Bake!
2 Liter Soda—Free with Purchase
Have you made our pizzas before?”
Olives/sausaage/pepperoni/onion/green peppers/double cheese

bigger than our stomachs
ocean floor revealed before our eyes!

Dinner AND movie from Rent A Game System Video Store!

oil slick black box of worlds (future fights?) just waiting for us
to take it home
slipcovers blue, black and yellow combined
—-Be Kind! Rewind!–

Linked to D’Verse Poetics


29 thoughts on “On Friday Nights

  1. Oh the days of “Be kind, rewind.” There will come a day when kids don’t know what that means. What a nice trip down memory lane with your favorite pizza and a video store. (I don’t think we even have any of the latter in my neck of the woods any more.) Peace, Linda

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  2. Oh.. the world of home entertainment.. when stacks of potatoes of 3 channels of black and white..
    grows to color.. to pong.. to Nintendo.. to XBOX LIVE! to HDTV and 4 or whatever comes next
    at BEXT BUY for CHEAP.. BUT nah.. it will never replace a time before AC on front
    porch way.. with a neighborly hug.. and talk of anything
    even the weather
    weather channel way..:)
    Sometimes i miss vanilla potatoes
    than all the

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  3. This just proves you don’t have to spend a bunch of money to have a good time. And sometimes those good times are made sweeter with sacrifice. That cowboy sized pizza most def fit the bill for food and good times. Some of the best times I’ve had were times like these with friends – all pitching in.

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  4. When I was a kid on Fridays Mom would make Gino’s pizza and we’d get to pick the toppings. It was such a treat, I never knew until much later it was because they didn’t have much money. We always picked ground up hamburger and caramelized onion.

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  5. Nothing wrong with being poor. Been there myself a few times, just makes life more interesting as you find humble treats along the way. So what is a cowboy pizza? Is it that blend of toppings? Curious.

    How did your cleave work out?

    You inspired me a bit and I blended a cleave into my poem the other day, just one stanza of it – for fun.

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    1. The cowboy pizza was pretty much a dressed up reference to a garbage or everything-but-the-sink kinda thing. I’m letting the cleave sit a couple more days..my Muse usually takes a bit to construct something. I would be interested in seeing yours. Is it in the linky?


      1. What an interesting puzzle. I love the form, reminds me of those pictures you had to “see through” to spot the hidden picture 🙂 I found the first and the blended poem, but where is the second separate poem?


  6. Poor perhaps but still creative. Gosh, these days gamers & nerds stay home a lot, surrounding themselves with a techno-landscape, galaxies within the walls; & of course we poet surfers of the Net have the entire planet travel pass, with the portals on our desks.

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