Bumblebee kisses closed petal tips, lotus meditation release


Bog rosemary, pitcher plant, yew, sensitive fern
Footprint photo op

Today’s Mini Challenge by imaginary garden with real toads was inspired by haiku written by Marilyn Chin, prolific writer and so much more. Her haiku are formatted differently than traditional form which added an extra challenge for me. Here’s a couple of my favorites:

Fallen plum blossoms return to the branch, you sleep, then
                 harden again

Sing sing little yellow blight rage rage against the dying of the
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


22 thoughts on “Poetry Inspired by Marilyn Chin

  1. I’ve seen haiku in this form before. I kind of prefer the three-line variety better, but this is good also, kind of a challenge. I enjoyed reading yours. And I didn’t know about Marilyn Chin before, so I learned something.

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