Weekend Coffee Share: Happy Sewing Machine Day!

Good morning all!

It’s so nice to see you again! Would you like to sit inside the kitchen closest to the coffeemaker or out in the garden? The heat hasn’t hit yet so its quite nice outside among all sorts of life. Today I have a few drinks to offer–hot coffee or iced, or homemade lemonade.

Has summer arrived for you yet? The heat has certainly arrived here but most of the kids are still in school until June 18th making their summer a time to truly enjoy each moment away from their desks. Yesterday I was a FACS (life skills) teacher for part of the day in a middle school on base. It was nice to see such classes still being taught to both genders. I think it teaches independence and equality among classes that are otherwise very divided.

Most of the students were good but a few kept me on my toes! I was so tired when I got home that I watched movies into the evening. One of the movies was “1,000 Times Goodnight” starring Juliette Binoche as Rebecca, a top war photographer who is nearly killed while on assignment to document the rituals surrounding female suicide bombers in Kabul. On return to her family in Ireland, she begins to understand how her choice to follow her passion affects her husband and daughters.

Long after the movie was over, I was still pondering how one must choose only one path to follow–dangerous driving passion or stable role of parent. I know the strong pull of passion very well: it wakes me up at 5am each morning no matter how well (or terrible) I slept, seeking out information about technique and other’s creations, separates me from the rest of my family at times and is a permanent part of me.

How do you choose or is there a way to find a peaceful medium? I would like to know your thoughts, dear friend.

I see your cup is empty. Would you like some more or a different beverage? I am so happy that we can share this moment in the sunshine with the light perfume of mint and basil in the breeze.

Looking forward to catching up with you again next week. Before you leave, here are a few parting shots of where we had coffee together 😀 The morning is still so very young, I hope you will be able to check out the comings and goings of our friends 😀


6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Happy Sewing Machine Day!

  1. Beautiful pictures and the garden is gorgeous.

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  2. Thank you so much for the home made lemonade it was delightful. The weather in the UK is as unpredictable as ever. We have a few days of sun and then rain, it’s a vicious cycle and difficult to plan for! Like Heather, your question made me stop and think. I try to find balance, because otherwise I would drive the two parts of me crazy! I need to write, it’s a driving passion I cannot deny, but I also know (especially as a single parent) that I can’t let it consume me because I have other responsibilities. I have no magic answers. It’s all trial and error for me. I’m lucky that I have a job where I have a few hours each day. It means I can write while my daughters are at school. I also write at night, but this can be a dangerous thing because I forget I need sleep to function!

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  3. I don’t think you can “have it all”. You can have all of one thing, one course, one road. But you cannot have all of everything. At some point you have to decide what you want all of or if you are willing to take some of one thing and some of another so that you can still have both. But you cannot have all of everything.

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    1. I agree, Corina. I can see where passion, the thing that “saved you” when younger can lead to disconnection if it is detrimental to your present.

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  4. heatherjacksonwrites June 13, 2015 — 3:55 pm

    That’s an interesting question you pose – can we do it all? There’s this prevalent belief that this is possible if you find that elusive “balance”; however, lately people seem to be realizing that having it all is a compromise at best and a myth at worst. I don’t even have kids, but there is a lot I give up so that I can write. Mainly money. 😉

    Thanks for the coffee, and feel free to stop by my place for some more! http://writeonsisters.com/writers-life/weekend-coffee-share-on-being-a-vampire-turtle-hybrid-writer/

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    1. Will do! Thank you for stopping by 😀


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