Greet electric
Drink tears
and dance

Dance and tears
Drink Thunder electric
Greet barefoot

M&M cloying pheromone
Dance beyond paper trail
Lust receives his slave
Daily delusion
Satisfying conclusion

Satisfying delusion
Daily slave (his)
Receives lust trail
Pheromone cloying M&M

Sunshine flavored rain
sweaty moonlight candle fly
Velvet breath sunrise

Sunrise breath
Velvet fly
Candle moonlight
Sweaty rain flavored sunshine

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28 thoughts on “Palindrome Stage, Episode One: Twitter Poesy

  1. I’m astonished – in the best kind of way. What a brilliant idea to readjust the lines as you’ve done, for the palindrome. And what delicious results (pun intended). I adore them all. I used to do lots of twitter poems; somehow the practice has slipped away. Thanks for reminding me.

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  2. (:..Freest Animals roam lands of sensual..
    broken tales.. males and females..
    skin lost beneath.. ire fate.. clothed well delusions of
    of delusions well clothed.. fate ire.. beneath lost skin
    females and males.. tales broken..
    sensual of lands roam Animals Freest..:)

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