Redefining Disability: Interpersonal Relationships

In what other ways are your interpersonal relationships affected by disabilities? — Examples might be that it’s harder for you to form or maintain relationships or that people treat you differently once they realize you have a disability.

Happy Monday to all of you out there floating around the blogosphere 😀 Hope you had a fairly restful weekend. Over in Maryland, we are down to our last week of full day classes in the school district I live in. As a substitute teacher, I rally around myself to keep going. If those kids can show up, so can I! I don the hat of an English teacher in a middle school for the day lol.

Some of these questions cause me to pause for thought. This question was one of them. In order to answer it, I have to climb out of my own skin in order to observe myself with others. Tis difficult but quite necessary, especially when it involves those around you.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve lived with vocal and body tics. Most of the time I can redirect them to a less noticeable part of my body unless stressed, excited, angry or tired lol. I asked my boyfriend last week if he could tell when I tic. He answered that he noticed the tics the first time we met. I was floored.

I’ve asked people in the past if they notice that I have tics and they’ve always answered no. He and I discussed the possibility that others were simply being polite. Shocked at that possibility, I felt self-conscious. Who would want to be around someone whose tics range from eye twitches to vocal coughs?

I had to go no further than my mirror for my answer.

The Takeaway?

I realized I had to make peace with who I am, tics and all. Trial and error has brought me to the conclusion that I am the only one who can wake up each morning and choose another day. I am slowly becoming more comfortable in my own skin. That’s a monumental thing!

I tell my students, whenever they get upset or frustrated: Take a deep breath and do only one thing at a time. You will survive this moment. 😀

Take care my friends until we meet again

Every week I answer another question about my disability from Redefining Disability, a creation of Rose b. Fischer. I do this in order to continue my healing process as well as doing my part to create an open dialogue about disabilities. Thank you for listening. If you want to share your story, please join us!



1 thought on “Redefining Disability: Interpersonal Relationships

  1. Another wonderful post! We all have something different about us that sets us apart from others. Yours is an outward difference, but not one that should ever be shunned. I love your positive attitude about it and I love what you say to your students…

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