Over at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie, we are challenged to meraki a poem, story, reflection, etc.

Meraki: (v) to do something with soul, creativity and/or love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work

I’m sharing a reflection that I wrote last summer right after a good friend of mine passed away from bladder cancer. It was yet another upheaval for me and I was looking for a way to ground myself. It was then I decided to begin writing again.

Here is an excerpt for “Day 22: the real date this time!”. I invite you to read the entire post here.

First, a quote from ME! about my relationship with writing and my muse:

I think I would describe my relationship with writing as inviting an old beloved lover back into my life at this point. We are going through some growing pains lately after being separated for at least a decade. I would like to work towards marriage with this lover because she has already helped me to become a better person and, despite both our flaws, she is worth fighting for! I think the only thing holding me back from marriage to her is the fear of the really rough times…what if we separate again? What if she leaves me…or I, her? I think we need some serious tips on conflict resolution and communication if this will become a lifetime commitment….

Image is titled “The Snake Charmer” by Henri Rousseau (1907)

Also linked to Poets United


22 thoughts on “Glancing Over My Shoulder

  1. The muse is very moody. I guess everyone had tried to lure her back once in a while. To continue, never give up.

    Entertain her even if she comes in the middle of the night

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  2. The relationship of muse to writer is something that I think about. I often say my muse is at the spa, so I’m the one writing. When my muse decides to stay around, my fingers fly over the keys — I don’t think of the words she is writing.

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  3. I love the idea of the Muse as an old beloved lover you are inviting back into your life. I have had periods through my life when I was not writing and felt badly because I wasnt…but when I next took up the pen, there she was waiting for me faithfully and off we’d go again. It has been a wonderful life-long journey and I am always happiest in the years when I am writing, doing what I am meant to do……..

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