My Road Not Taken (Yet)

I would be a creative, chaotic mixture
Given the right moment
Playing with music all morning
Announcing artists and upcoming
Art openings and concerts
(especially with wine and cheese, please!)

Who’s known, who’s not
The messy in-between
Singer/songwriter and a menagerie

As the sun (or rain) creeps up the sky
Until it is right above
I’d end my last set with Etta James
With her stormy, stormy weather

Next I would set off to teach
My multitude of children
So many things
Beyond core standards

How to be strong inside,
Kindness beyond kindergarten
Random Acts of Kindness
Would be on my daily

Afternoon adventures
Gooey creatures and inventions
Imaginations beyond wild

Today Mindlovemisery Menagerie invites us to weave a tale about our dream career, what ever it may be.


9 thoughts on “My Road Not Taken (Yet)

  1. Thanks so much for participating.
    I love your description of all the things you would do. I love the mix of whimsy and reality. This is a fantastic contribution!

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    1. 😀 I declared communications as a freshman only to graduate six years later with a Bachelors in Speech Pathology lol.


      1. It is odd, sometimes, where life in academia drags/pushes/calls us. I never thought I’d have a PhD went I started back at university to finally finish my BA!.

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      2. I is a very curious thing indeed 😀


      3. Curious and . . . .

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      4. Strange, Dark, Hell, Heaven, Karma..I could go on for awhile 😀 Do I feel a prompt coming on? lol


      5. Very well could be. I will acknowledge should I do so.

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  2. I did so like this, such wonderful occupations, work and mother…..great stuff Rhodia…

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