Haunting of the Puppet Kind

I was once chased by Kermit and Fozzy
Beyond the busy beavers and twittering of death
Through my old high school hallways,
They with pick-axes,
me with Carmella
Gonzo’s chicken wife

We hid along the traintracks
Watched strings guide them
Inch by inch
To where we crouched
As I thought,
“When did Kermit turn from
Green to red?”

Next second I’m on the rack
Gonzo walks in to
Take over for the Swedish Chef
I wonder,
“Is this a dream or reality?”


5 thoughts on “Haunting of the Puppet Kind

  1. That kind does stick. Look how vividly, too. I’m not sure I’d ever watch the muppets in quite the same way again!

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      1. On the good ship lollipop…

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  2. That was one crazy dream! I’d like to see that one interpreted.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol That dream happened years ago but somehow it still sticks with me


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