I Am Awake

Each morning I sit in the center of the old courtyard and wait for the town to wake up. It’s been a month since the silence of sleep descended, even the plants are dormant.

Routine keeps me busy, checking each courtyard and section of the city.
Why haven’t they woken up yet? Time is barren and I am so tired.

Linked to Scribe’s Cave–a weekly micro flash picture prompt


9 thoughts on “I Am Awake

  1. The void between sleep and awake.
    Great story.
    I agree with the previous commenters.
    I felt so empty, lonely and lost after I read it.

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    1. So did I while I was writing it..


      1. Well, as a sleep-writer you do very well!

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      2. Thank you 😀 The difficult part comes in trying to get my Muse to help me with revision. All my early prompt responses are virtually morning papers lol


      3. My muse spends most of her time at the spa. Wish I could too.
        Muses aren’t really interested in editing/revisions unfortunately. Then you seek out a writing guardian angel.

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      4. Still looking for one. I’m part of a writing circle on Scrib but we’re not completely on the same page. So the Beat goes on…


      5. Yeah, the beat goes on. Hope you find a muse. They can come in handy some times.

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  2. I agree with Andree, I too thought you captured that essence of space and desolation…..so well done Rhodia….

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  3. I love this — it captures the emptiness of space and heart …

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