To get me through
Both bumps and glidings

Books I have tucked between
Lake water into my eyes
Lingering chords close to my ears, soft and wild
My daughters’ spirits across
my womb
Rough, smooth, bumpity spiked textures of love
On each finger

I was born with a traveler’s spirit influenced first by consistent relocation as a child. I became very curious about places outside of routine spaces, much to my parents chagrin. It is always so difficult to prioritize what to pack each time I move. I figure if I could permanently pack some items that will never leave my side, I could thrive anywhere.

For this prompt I wrote in freeform because it presented in that manner as I write with coffee by my side and 6 AM 🙂 I also love a good linguistic challenge, so I also dabble in haiku, tanka, found poetry, Zen, Yama, Xenolith…

Linked to d’Verse in response to the following challenge by guest prompter, Bryan Ens:

Write a poem in any form that you choose (and yes, I will accept free verse as a form) – but after your poem, include a brief note on your form, and why you chose that form for your piece. How does meter and rhyme (or lack thereof) affect the meaning of your piece? If you used alliteration, onomatopoeia, or some other poetic device, why?

Come talk poesy to me!


22 thoughts on “If I Could Gently Pack Enough…

  1. Nice. I think there is enough near rhyme to give the feeling of movement within this a bit. I have a bit of wanderlust myself and enjoy finding new places to explore, new people to meet. Though my sons hold a special place in my heart, that I will always come home to.

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  2. I can’t imagine this beautiful poem in anything but free verse because it adds such a sense of, well, floating. I also loved the womb reference (without having had children). I’ve lived in many different places but now, in my older years, I’m happiest planted where I am.

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  3. As I get older, my vertigo increases in intensity; walking across a tall bridge is difficult now. Your poem is audacious & delicious, part Mother Earth-part vagabond. The form is unfettered, & it served you well.

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  4. what a beautiful poem/writing.

    love the way you describe things…the books tucked between heartbeats, lake water in your eyes.

    it reads like a soft, calm whispering between the summer trees.

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  5. The use of free verse echoes a childhood where your routine was constantly upset by moving from place to place. Sounds like you found your peace, though, in those books…and joy in your daughters!

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