In the still-dark morning
Silence except the fridge speaks
Spazz, the racing cat, at his lookout post
Daily grind of caffeine stones
Calls to my Muse to arise from
Her lonely space
Channeling content borne of prompts

Inspired by d’verse on the subject of Everyday Objects

Image by Life Changing Learning


28 thoughts on “Early Mornings Involving a Marmalade Cat

  1. I loved what we call our cats; Spazz is great. Our 12 year old male is called Keezie Motto. A lot of cats & dogs seem to inhabit our poetic abodes. We lost our dog years ago & haven’t had the heart or energy to start anew with another one. Appliances to speak in their techno-whirr tongues. I used to drink coffee at work, but do not brew it or need it on my less hectic retirement mornings.

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  2. Ah.. yes the prompts of the morning cats.. is purr over me..
    and a scratch on vanity mirror that tales tell tails…
    of love’s morning meows..
    I’ll live for that for
    fur of love
    that stays
    with me
    sounds grand piano for we..:)

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  3. Mmmm. I could get down with some coffee. Grind those stones.
    Ha. That sounds like a fun cat as well.

    Mine is a night owl, coming in each morning to find some sun and flop over.
    Peaceful morning.

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